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Software Products

Our team has designed and implemented various software products such as:
  • Cartesian Network: A Free Discussion Platform for College Campuses which uses Blockchain
  • A Cryptocurrency payment system for E-Commerce platforms
  • VeriSign: A Secure Contract Consensus Platform on the Blockchain with Amendment Functionality
  • Custom websites for online merchants with integrated databases
  • Algorithmic Trading bots
At Crimson Analytics we like to design and implement our own projects; however, we also help other businesses implement their own vision through digital means.

Portfolio Management

Crimson Analytics manages an investment portfolio made up of three components: long term Blockchain Technology related asset holding, medium term Cryptocurrency trading and short term Algorithmic Cryptocurrency trading. By utilizing different investment vehicles that aim to make returns in different time periods with different amounts of risk exposure, we are able to offer clients Portfolio Management options that best fit their individual preferences. We charge a 0% management fee and a 25% performance fee, based on the annualized profit of the main fund. We offer these Portfolio Management services exclusively to clients that meet our required qualifications.

why choose us

We care

We care

A small team of hard-working and dedicated individuals and treat each of our customers with the care they deserve.

Unique Solutions

Unique Solutions

Utilizing our creativity and expertise for better and more efficient solutions.

meant For everyone

meant for everyone

We aim to make a diverse set of crypto investment vehicles accessible to all kinds of investors and businesses.

Consistent Success

Consistent Success

We have sustained a stable, positive and above the market return on investment since the beginning of our operations

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Receive within five business days from the day of your request a detailed report of a coin of your choosing. If you would like to purchase more than three reports, contact us to receive an offer for a personalised package deal.

Investment Management Fees

We at Crimson Analytics believe in a fair company-investor relationship. As Aristotle famously said: ‘’Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them’’. Therefore, we charge a 0% management fee and a 25% performance fee, based on the annualized profit of the main fund.

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