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Cryptocurrency Investment Consulting

Crimson Analytics also accommodates clients who wish to manage their own Cryptocurrency investment portfolios. Our approach is to offer consulting services that are tailored to the specific needs of the individual client. For clients already active in the market for cryptocurrency and blockchain related investments, we offer detailed reports made to order on the market/coin/company of the client’s choosing. We also provide consulting services to beginners in the form of instructing them on how to create their individual cryptocurrency accounts on available exchanges, setting up cryptocurrency to fiat currency withdrawal systems and offering advice on how to manage their own investment portfolios.

Blockchain & ICO Consulting

Having worked on and with Blockchain & ICO projects, our team can utilize its creativity, expertise and connections in helping companies wishing to utilize Blockchain Technology or aiming do a public/private sale for a Cryptocurrency. Our services include: Whitepaper , Token Economics, Business Plan and Blockchain Implementation Consulting

Algorithmic Trading Research

A longer term goal of Crimson Analytics is to develop Algorithms for Currency, Stock and Cryptocurrency trading. We are currently in the research phase of developing trading algorithms. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to contribute to our research in building systems that can automate profitable trading.

Website Design Services

For those looking to create more glamorous or functional websites, we offer Front-End and Back-End software development services to allow you to implement your creativity on your website with our expertise.

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We care

We care

A small team of hard-working and dedicated individuals and treat each of our customers with the care they deserve.

Unique Solutions

Unique Solutions

Utilizing our creativity and expertise for better and more efficient solutions.

meant For everyone

meant for everyone

We aim to offer services tailored to fit the specific needs of the clients we work with.

Industry Knowledge

Industry Knowledge

We have connected with many companies and individuals who operate in this space. We aim to use the knowledge of this network to fuel our research for solutions and other operations.

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